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Which ‘To Your Eternity’ Character Are You?

Are you a fan of the anime series To Your Eternity? Have you ever wondered which character from the show you would be most like? Well, wonder no more! Take our "To Your Eternity Character Quiz" and discover which of the unforgettable characters you would be most similar to. From the stoic and powerful Fushi, to the kind and caring March, to the cunning and mischievous Tonari, each character has their own unique personality traits that make them stand out. So, what are you waiting for? Click the Start button below and find out which To Your Eternity character you are!Welcome to Quiz: Which 'To Your Eternity' Character Are You

About "To Your Eternity" in a few words:

To Your Eternity is an anime series based on the manga of the same name by Yoshitoki Oima. The series follows the journey of an immortal being named Fushi, who is tasked with learning about the world and its inhabitants. Along the way, Fushi encounters various individuals, each with their own unique stories and struggles, and learns what it truly means to be human. With beautiful animation and a compelling storyline, To Your Eternity has captivated audiences worldwide.

How it works:

  1. We will ask 20 questions about you.
  2. There are many possible answers, you must choose only one.
  3. Answer all questions and find out which To Your Eternity character are you!