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Who Are You From “Ao Haru Ride” Based On Your Food Preferences?

Welcome to the Ao Haru Ride character quiz, where you'll discover which character from the popular anime and manga series Ao Haru Ride you are most like based on your food preferences. Do you share a love of sweets with Futaba, a preference for savory foods like Kou, or something else entirely? Take the quiz to find out and see which character embodies your personality. So, let's get started by clicking the "Start" button below and dive into the world of Ao Haru Ride!Welcome to Quiz: Who Are You From Ao Haru Ride Based On Your Food Preferences

About "Ao Haru Ride" in a few words:

Ao Haru Ride is a romantic slice-of-life anime and manga series that follows the story of Futaba Yoshioka and Kou Mabuchi, two childhood friends who are reunited in high school after years of separation. As they navigate their way through school, friendships, and relationships, they must confront their past and present selves to find their true selves and potential love interests.

How it works:

  1. We will ask 20 questions about you.
  2. There are many possible answers, you must choose only one.
  3. Answer all questions and find out which Ao Haru Ride character are you based on your food preferences!