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Which ‘Bucchigiri?!’ Character Are You?

Dive into the thrilling world of "Bucchigiri?!," an anime series that catapults you into the heart of adventure, action, and unexpected camaraderie. Follow the journey of Araji Tomobishi as he navigates the complexities of rekindling friendships and confronting powerful foes, all while the ominous shadow of a colossal demon looms in the background. This series is a rollercoaster of emotions, blending intense battles with moments of heartfelt connection. Whether you're drawn to the depth of character development, the breathtaking animation by MAPPA, or the gripping storyline, "Bucchigiri?!" offers something for every anime enthusiast. If you've ever wondered which character from this captivating universe resonates with you the most, you're in luck! Embark on this personalized quiz to discover your "Bucchigiri?!" alter ego. Each question is designed to unveil traits and decisions that align with the series' beloved characters. Don't just spectate—become part of the adventure. Scroll down and hit the Start button to begin your journey of self-discovery and see which "Bucchigiri?!" character you truly embody.

Welcome to Quiz: Which 'Bucchigiri!' Character Are You

About "Bucchigiri!" in a few words:

"Bucchigiri?!" is an original Japanese anime television series that transports viewers into a world filled with action, adventure, and fantasy. Animated by the renowned MAPPA studio and directed by Hiroko Utsumi, with Taku Kishimoto penning the script, this series weaves a narrative around Araji Tomobishi and his tumultuous reunions with old friends amidst battles against formidable adversaries. With its unique blend of comedy, fantasy, and themes of delinquency and school life, "Bucchigiri?!" stands out for its engaging plot, dynamic character development, and the mysterious presence of a colossal demon that adds an element of suspense and intrigue. This anime promises a captivating experience for viewers, drawing them into its vibrant world and the complex relationships and conflicts that define it.

How it works:

  1. We will ask 20 questions about you.
  2. There are many possible answers, you must choose only one.
  3. Answer all questions and find out which 'Bucchigiri!' character are you!