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Which ‘Soaring Sky! Pretty Cure’ Character Are You?

In the magical world of "Hirogaru Sky! Precure" (Soaring Sky! Pretty Cure), heroism takes flight against the backdrop of a vast, azure sky. This installment, the twentieth in the iconic Pretty Cure franchise, celebrates 20 years of thrilling adventures, enchanting transformations, and the unyielding spirit of friendship. Dive into the world of Sora Harewataru, a brave resident of the ethereal Skyland, as she teams up with young earthlings to combat the sinister Underg Empire. Each character shines with unique attributes, values, and quirks. Are you curious about which soaring heroine you'd be in the vast expanse of this captivating universe? Scroll down and click the "Start" button to find out!

Welcome to Quiz: Which 'Soaring Sky! Pretty Cure' Character Are You

About "Soaring Sky! Pretty Cure" in a few words:

"Hirogaru Sky! Precure" (Soaring Sky! Pretty Cure) is a landmark series in the esteemed Pretty Cure franchise. In this riveting adventure, viewers follow Sora Harewataru from the mystical Skyland as she embarks on a daring rescue mission for the abducted Princess Ellee. Transported to the bustling Sorashido City, Sora allies with young Mashiro Nizigaoka and a group of new friends who discover their own Pretty Cure powers. With heroism as its central theme and the endless sky as its motif, this series delivers breathtaking battles, heartwarming camaraderie, and a relentless quest to save both Skyland and the human realm from the nefarious Underg Empire.

How it works:

  1. We will ask 20 questions about you.
  2. There are many possible answers, you must choose only one.
  3. Answer all questions and find out which 'Soaring Sky! Pretty Cure' character are you!